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Fencing starts along Pakistan’s porous border with Afghanistan

Fencing starts along Pakistan’s porous border with Afghanistan

Pakistan and Afghanistan share an approximate 2,600 kilometer of largely porous border and both blame each other for encouraging terrorist infiltration to support deadly attacks on their particular soils. Relations between the countries have plunged in the last two years over mutual terrorism allegations.

Pakistan sealed all border crossings with Afghanistan in mid of February, during a deadliest wave of attacks on Pakistani soil that killed at least 130 people. Pakistan and Afghanistan accuse each other of sheltering elements of the Pakistani and Afghan Taliban respectively.

Pakistan military has recently decided to initiate fencing the parts of its disputed northwestern border with Afghanistan to curb the movement of Taliban fighters from both sides who are known to be behind these terrorist activities.

Pakistan Army is now building more than 420 small forts along the Pak- Afghan border, not only this but Pakistan is also deploying radar sensors to detect cross border movement. From a geopolitical and Geo-strategic perspective, it has been defined as one of the most dangerous borders in the world.