Raad ul Fassad launched to uproot terrorism

Raad ul Fassad launched to uproot terrorism

After the recent spate of lethal terrorist attacks across country Pakistan Army has launched operation “Raad ul Fassad” with a hope and aim to uproot terrorism from country. Raad ul Fassad is basically an Arabic term which literally means “elimination of violence.” In this operation, Pakistan armed forces, rangers along with Law Enforcement Agencies will actively participate to eliminate the menace of terrorism from country.

The past few weeks have traumatized the entire nation as the resurgence of extremist activities alarmed us about the revival of terrorist networks in Pakistan. Although we are not losing the fight against the terrorism but it is also a fact that we are not even successive in culminating the terrorist network as well. The government of Pakistan must also ensure steps to implement National Action Plan (NAP) to eliminate terrorism from society.
This decision was taken in wake of resurgence of militant attacks in Pakistan. There was a series of terrorist assaults in past two weeks killing and injuring a huge number of people. The emergence of militant groups like Daesh and JuA along with their allies can be a major blow to Pakistan. Thus, this operation was need of hour to eradicate and restrict militants from carrying out such devastating assaults.

Previously, after the fatal attack of APS Peshawar Pakistan military executed operation Zarb e Azb with full momentum and the positive outcomes of that operation were quite visible. The nation believes in the strength of our valiant forces and we also hope that our forces will achieve the ends by eradicating the discord from the land of peace. Pakistan army has support of people against all the odds and nation stands with them no matter what.

May God Almighty assist the armed forces of Pakistan in their mission and protect Pakistan.

Pakistan Zindabad!

Boots on the ground in Punjab

Boots on the ground in Punjab

Provincial government of Punjab has finally decided to launch Rangers operation against terrorist sanctuaries in Punjab. The decision has been taken by the government after the deadliest series of attacks across country last week specifically when there was finally peace prevailing in our country.

Both civil as well as military leadership is determined to fight against terrorism and militancy. It is also decided that sectarian violence and extremism will be uprooted from the country as well as several important decisions have been taken including ruthless action against terrorists and those who support them. Alongside strict and immediate measures will be taken to achieve this end.

The government along with other intelligence agencies must ensure to adopt an aggressive policy against militant groups in Punjab in order to counter terrorism activities carried out by them. Those who facilitate and even shelter terrorists must not be spared in any case. The entire nation not only supports government and military stance over war on terror but also stands united against all the terrorists creating chaos in our country. It is a high time that government must ensure implementation over National Action Plan and initiatives taken under NAP like terrorism, militancy, extremism and sectarian violence must be overcome.

Fresh wave of terrorist attacks hit Pakistan

Fresh wave of terrorist attacks hit Pakistan

The recent wave of terrorist attacks has badly shaken the whole nation when there was finally peace prevailing in Pakistan. It seems like the terrorist groups are restoring their lost confidence and gaining momentum again that was cut down to a great extent by our military forces in various operations they conducted nationwide particularly operation Zarb e Azb. Peace was restored in effected parts of country where military operations were launched and positive outcomes were quite visible as well. Now in recent attacks carried out in all the four provinces including FATA are deadliest of its kind killing enormous number of innocent people which is extremely disturbing.

In Pakistan, Tehreek i Taliban Pakistan (TTP) is believed to be an existential threat for Pakistan. Operatives of RAW (Indian Intelligence agency) who are well penetrated in terrorists outfits like TTP and other affiliated groups are trying to destabilize Pakistan. Most of the terrorists hideouts are situated in the adjoining areas of Afghan border and the biggest problem is the porous border through which terrorists intervene in our country and execute such activities.

It is suffice to say that Pakistan military along with other intelligence agencies are capable of countering terrorism but it must first find a political will to eradicate terrorism within borders. Counter terrorism is a challenge that is not only faced by Pakistan but for the whole region. So all countries must ensure to work together in order to counter insurgency and make peace prevailed in region. It is a high time to take strict actions against terrorists and their allies before they can’t be handled and carry out such heinous attacks again.

Pakistan Army exertions to bring FATA into mainstream

Pakistan Army exertions to bring FATA into mainstream

Chief of Army Staff General Qamar Javed Bajwa on his visit to South Waziristan expressed that that Pakistan Army would support efforts to bring FATA region into mainstream. He also appreciated determination of tribal members and the local administration for supporting Pakistan Army.

COAS uttered his indulgence with operational gains, better border security and progressive tasks being carried out in the region. He was also briefed by the about security and stability situation including border management and rehabilitation of Temporarily Displaced Persons (TDPs).

COAS directed the forces to continue focusing on stability operations and socio economic development for continuing peace in the area. He also stated that Pakistan Army will endure its efforts for supporting mainstreaming of FATA as per aspirations of the local tribes. While interacting with the troops, General Bajwa lauded their courageousness and commitment as well as appreciated the role played by tribal people in restoration of peace in the region.

Pakistan Army, striving for excellence!

Pakistan Army, striving for excellence!

The efforts of Pakistan Army in order to bring stability in the country is on one side, our army is fighting war against terror while on other, army is always there whenever we need them to provide help or relief to natural disaster effected people.

Disaster management is an essential part of governance that basically includes mitigation, preparedness, response and rehabilitations. Unfortunately, our civil administration is quiet incompetent in providing relief to the sufferers of disasters and eventually army has to step forward to play an important role through conducting rescue and relief operations in any mishap.

Army supports the government by providing medical facilities, rescue operation and other activities as it has submissive personnel with extra ordinary expertise to provide help in the emergency state in cooperation with National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA).

Pakistan army is perhaps the only well organized organization in Pakistan that has been playing a variety of laudable roles in the progress of the country. It is evidently apparent from history that Pakistan Army has always been at the front line position whenever the nation is hit by any natural calamity or emergency. Be it the destructive earthquake or the devastating flood, in times of any natural disaster in Pakistan, the government always turned to military in order to help control the situation. Our brave forces have never let us down and we as a whole nation are proud of our valiant and courageous forces.

Kashmir, an oldest unresolved dispute in the world!

Kashmir, an oldest unresolved dispute in the world!

Freedom is an essential right of every human being. Ever since the independence of Indo-Pak subcontinent, Kashmiris are struggling to attain this right. The Kashmir dispute is the oldest unresolved international conflict in the world till date.
Kashmir day is celebrated in Pakistan on 5th February every year that aspires to basically show the Pakistan’s support and unity with the people of Indian occupied Kashmir as well as their ongoing freedom struggle, and to pay respect to Kashmiri martyrs who have lost their lives fighting for Kashmir’s freedom.

Kashmir’s freedom movement

People of Kashmir started their freedom movement back in 1949 and this fight is still ongoing. To suppress this movement, India is using different tactics. Kashmiri people rose themselves into revolt in 1988 and started this struggle to liberate their motherland to make it an independent and sovereign state. For the last two decades, Kashmiris are facing human rights violations by the Indian forces.

The brutality of India on Kashmir

The face of world’s so- called largest liberal democratic state India is disclosed in the valley of Jammu and Kashmir. Kashmiri Muslims are facing life threatening atrocities by Indian Army. India has deployed around seven lac Army troops against unarmed Muslim freedom fighters in the Indian occupied Kashmir.

Pakistan’s stance over Kashmir

Pakistan considers Kashmir as its core political dispute with India and so does the international communities. The founding father of Pakistan, Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah said once that “Kashmir is jugular vein of Pakistan”.
The recent series of protests have demonstrated the ground reality that an irresistible majority of people in occupied Kashmir want accession to Pakistan. Pakistan has always maintained that the only peaceful solution of Kashmir dispute is through a fair and impartial plebiscite under UN auspices.

The recent development

A new era of brutality has started in Kashmir recently. After the martyrdom of Kashmiri young leader Burhan Wani, protests against Indian occupation has increased rapidly. In response to these protests, Indian Army started shelling on unarmed Kashmiris, who are demanding Indian forces to leave Kashmir.

UN over the Kashmir issue

As per United Nations Security Council resolutions, Kashmir is a disputed territory and the right to self-determination, through a fair and impartial voting under UN patronage was promised to the people of Jammu and Kashmir. It has almost been seven decades now that UN assured a fair and neutral plebiscite to resolve the Kashmir dispute but India is becoming a hindrance.


It is also a serious threat to the world peace with particular importance on the fact that both India and Pakistan are nuclear power states. As long as Kashmir issue is not resolved, true peace in this region is not possible. Both the countries will remain in apprehension due to this issue and no peace dialogue will be successful until and unless Kashmiris become an integral part of the dialogue.

Incredible India, No more…



India calls itself as the biggest democratic state all around the globe. It might have worked successfully well but lately it is facing many challenges that includes social as well as economic inequalities, poverty, unemployment, increasing illiteracy rate, population explosion, corruption and terrorism etc. Here are few issues recently India has been facing in the past years are listed below.

The descending Indian Economy

The World Economic Forum’s Inclusive Development Index list for the year 2017 is out and India acquired the 60th position among 79 developing countries. According to recent report of International Monetary Fund (IMF), India is no longer the world’s fastest growing economy.

Indian soldiers complaints about poor facilities and harassment

Recently, numerous soldiers in Indian army have appeared over the social media to raise their concerns regarding the ruthless environment and poor amenities they are given while performing their duties. These soldiers also complained about inferior behavior by their senior officers towards them.

India’s missile tests gets failed for another time…

India’s nuclear cruise missile Nirbhay test fails for the fourth time. It is designed to carry nuclear warheads to a strike range of 1,000 km. This was the 4th test since March 2013, all of these have relatively unsuccessful till now to attain test parameters.

Uprising separatist movements

There are nearly 67 active separatist movements running in various parts of India including Punjab, Assam, Jammu & Kashmir and many other states who desire freedom from India because of aggressive attitude of Indian Government towards minorities whereas at the same time as Khalistan and Jammu Kashmir is on the verge of getting freedom.

A state with more access to cell phone than toilets…

It is also reported that in India, public has more access to a cell phone than to a toilet and improved sanitation system. Recent UN research in India, which is the world’s second mainly populous state, shows nearly 366 million people (31% of the total population) has only access to improved sanitation system.