Long awaited Census in Pakistan begins today

Long awaited Census in Pakistan begins today

Long awaited 6th population and housing census starts today finally after lapse of nineteen years across Pakistan. The word ‘Census’ is basically derived from Latin word ‘Censere’ which means ‘To Estimate’. The first census in the country was conducted back in 1951, second in 1961, third in 1972 and fourth in 1981 respectively whereas the fifth census, which was due in 1991, was conducted in 1998 with the assistance of the army.

The army personnel would also be involved in enumeration as well as providing security to the surveyors. The first phase of the exercise that started today will end on April 15. The second phase will commence on April 25 and end on May 25. Census reports are expected to be accomplished within a period of two months.

Under the constitution of Pakistan, the government is bound to conduct census every 10 years but unfortunately it took approximately two decades to conduct census. This time census will be unique in nature as for the first time in the history of Pakistan, transgender will also be calculated in the census.

According to details, the census will begin with house count in 63 districts of the country overall including 16 districts of Punjab, 15 districts of Balochistan, 8 districts of Sindh and 14 districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa furthermore five districts of Azad Kashmir and Gilgit Baltistan regions are also included.

In modern nation states people started using the census to measure population of rural and urban settlements, to determine the number of voters in a particular constituency, for the availability of health and education facilities, to know the percentage of ethnicity or religious populations etc.

The authorities have also notified that people who will provide wrong information to the enumerators might even face six months jail term and Rs. 50,000 fine over the breach of the census rules, according to the law formulated for census.

Any person having queries regarding the census process my contact the authorities on provided Help Line i.e. 0800 57574


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