Boots on the ground in Punjab

Boots on the ground in Punjab

Provincial government of Punjab has finally decided to launch Rangers operation against terrorist sanctuaries in Punjab. The decision has been taken by the government after the deadliest series of attacks across country last week specifically when there was finally peace prevailing in our country.

Both civil as well as military leadership is determined to fight against terrorism and militancy. It is also decided that sectarian violence and extremism will be uprooted from the country as well as several important decisions have been taken including ruthless action against terrorists and those who support them. Alongside strict and immediate measures will be taken to achieve this end.

The government along with other intelligence agencies must ensure to adopt an aggressive policy against militant groups in Punjab in order to counter terrorism activities carried out by them. Those who facilitate and even shelter terrorists must not be spared in any case. The entire nation not only supports government and military stance over war on terror but also stands united against all the terrorists creating chaos in our country. It is a high time that government must ensure implementation over National Action Plan and initiatives taken under NAP like terrorism, militancy, extremism and sectarian violence must be overcome.


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