Fresh wave of terrorist attacks hit Pakistan

Fresh wave of terrorist attacks hit Pakistan

The recent wave of terrorist attacks has badly shaken the whole nation when there was finally peace prevailing in Pakistan. It seems like the terrorist groups are restoring their lost confidence and gaining momentum again that was cut down to a great extent by our military forces in various operations they conducted nationwide particularly operation Zarb e Azb. Peace was restored in effected parts of country where military operations were launched and positive outcomes were quite visible as well. Now in recent attacks carried out in all the four provinces including FATA are deadliest of its kind killing enormous number of innocent people which is extremely disturbing.

In Pakistan, Tehreek i Taliban Pakistan (TTP) is believed to be an existential threat for Pakistan. Operatives of RAW (Indian Intelligence agency) who are well penetrated in terrorists outfits like TTP and other affiliated groups are trying to destabilize Pakistan. Most of the terrorists hideouts are situated in the adjoining areas of Afghan border and the biggest problem is the porous border through which terrorists intervene in our country and execute such activities.

It is suffice to say that Pakistan military along with other intelligence agencies are capable of countering terrorism but it must first find a political will to eradicate terrorism within borders. Counter terrorism is a challenge that is not only faced by Pakistan but for the whole region. So all countries must ensure to work together in order to counter insurgency and make peace prevailed in region. It is a high time to take strict actions against terrorists and their allies before they can’t be handled and carry out such heinous attacks again.


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