Pakistan Army, striving for excellence!

Pakistan Army, striving for excellence!

The efforts of Pakistan Army in order to bring stability in the country is on one side, our army is fighting war against terror while on other, army is always there whenever we need them to provide help or relief to natural disaster effected people.

Disaster management is an essential part of governance that basically includes mitigation, preparedness, response and rehabilitations. Unfortunately, our civil administration is quiet incompetent in providing relief to the sufferers of disasters and eventually army has to step forward to play an important role through conducting rescue and relief operations in any mishap.

Army supports the government by providing medical facilities, rescue operation and other activities as it has submissive personnel with extra ordinary expertise to provide help in the emergency state in cooperation with National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA).

Pakistan army is perhaps the only well organized organization in Pakistan that has been playing a variety of laudable roles in the progress of the country. It is evidently apparent from history that Pakistan Army has always been at the front line position whenever the nation is hit by any natural calamity or emergency. Be it the destructive earthquake or the devastating flood, in times of any natural disaster in Pakistan, the government always turned to military in order to help control the situation. Our brave forces have never let us down and we as a whole nation are proud of our valiant and courageous forces.


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