US-PAKISTAN Relations, A new journey to begin…


A new journey is expected to begin between United States of America and Islamic Republic of Pakistan under the umbrella of a new administration working for the newly elected President Donald Trump. Pakistan and United States have a unique nature of relationship spanning over the time period of 7 decades.

United States has its own regional interests in Pakistan because of the geopolitical importance. Both countries have been doing collaboration over various matters including war against terrorism, Economic welfare, Military co operation, Technology as well as to attain mutual objectives of regional peace and prosperity specifically in Afghanistan.

Earlier America was planning to leave Afghanistan in a definite time frame but now Trump is considering sending some new troops. Moreover some new developments in the region like China Pakistan Economic Corridor and a more emerging forceful Russia might have definitely forced to change United States’ strategy to stay here in this region. Pakistan has highest stakes in bringing up peace and stability in Afghanistan as well as this region.

Pakistan may face uncertainties in relationship with the United States in the upcoming era under newly established Trump’s administration. Pakistan is still hoping for good from the new management but if Trump chooses to look for a military solution, there will be huge pressure on Pakistan by United States to restrain the activities of Haqqani network along with some other militant groups working in this particular region.


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