Indian Propaganda to defame Pakistan army on social media exposed badly


Growing Indo-Pakistan tension has turned social media into a battlefield in the past few months. Indian agencies are now using social media as a tool to spread hatred and spiteful thoughts to the Pakistani community against state and its armed forces.
They are using fake accounts to post pictures of violence around the globe and depicting them as of Baloch citizens and accuse Pakistan Army for maltreating them. Publishing fake pictures on social media with the names of Baloch people is a coward act by Indian agencies.

Pakistan army is serving people of Balochistan with full love and devotion. The present wave of acts of disruption in the province of Balochistan is being funded and supported by India. Indian hold up for uprising in Balochistan is basically designed to weaken Pakistan by bringing instability and is also intended to damage execution of China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC).

Pakistan’s Armed Forces are entirely geared up to give response to any attack by Indian forces. There will be no concession on sovereignty of Pakistan and Pakistan is determined to fight against terrorism and contribution towards bringing peace and harmony in this region. Pakistan’s achievements against terrorism have been widely acknowledged by the world and at the same time terrorist safe haven in the North Waziristan Agency have been moreover eradicated or drastically restricted.


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