Baseless allegations on Pakistan Army & ISI for missing persons


Missing persons is a burning issue in Pakistan after five social activists have disappeared in past few weeks. It has been recently seen that Pakistan Army and ISI along with other law enforcement agencies have been blamed for missing person’s uproar. There are people who are of this vision that these law enforcement agencies snatches people who want a more peaceful Pakistan but let terrorists roam free. Protests have been carried out by various Non Governmental Organizations as well as civil society members recently to put pressure on the government to find missing people. People from the province of Balochistan are more in number as compared to others in the missing persons list.

For Pakistan, Balochistan is a province that is basically a gateway for development and prosperity in Pakistan. Enemies being very well aware of this fact are trying their best to sow seeds of hatred among Baloch people, using various tactics like kidnapping, killing and terrorist activities inside province. As a result of all these things, many Baloch activists want separation from Pakistan, thus Balochistan wants a separation from Pakistan. It is a general perception of public that Law and enforcement agencies are behind these missing persons.

It needs to be highlighted here that Pakistan Army and other law enforcement agencies have improved the internal and external security situation of the country with the help of counter terrorism operations. ISI has also notably prevented numerous terror acts in the past few months. Operation Zarb-e-Azb has eternally eradicated terrorist networks from federally administered tribal areas.


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