Remember Remember, the 6th of September



After 14th August, all of the Pakistan keenly awaits 6th September. A day of pride, victory and much more for Pakistan. The day , WE (Pakistani) showed the world what we are capable of. The day we proved that, when it comes to our defense, our country’s pride every child is a soldier and every man is a warrior.

6th of September is a golden chapter in the history of Pakistan, when Pakistan, its military and people stood united in 1965 in defense of Pakistan. September 6th, 1965 will be live in our national history, a day to remember for valiant men & women, who sacrificed their day for our present and future days. When the PAF rose to meet the challenge of Indian military aggression by launching full-scale air war in accordance with Air War Plan of June 29, 1965 by registering its name in the annals of air warfare…

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COAS visits UK to meet political and military leadership

COAS visits UK to meet political and military leadership

COAS General Qamar Javed Bajwa on his official visit to UK said that Pakistan Army stands by democracy. Pakistan is a peace loving country and wishes to resolve all unsolved issues with India including essential issue of Jammu Kashmir. Moreover said attempts by enemies to isolate Pakistan diplomatically have failed and Pakistan’s diplomatic relations with other countries has rather lingered.

COAS emphasized that peace in Afghanistan is a shared interest and that Pakistan will continue its positive role and is even ready to work closely with Afghanistan. Furthermore he said Pak-Afghan bilateral border security mechanism is critically important and both countries need to formulate this at priority.

Pakistan Army took decisive actions against terrorists and lots of them have already fled the country, making bases elsewhere. While meeting top British military leadership he alleged that Pakistan is currently dealing with various facets of extremism through the National Action Plan adding that institutions are working together to bring reforms in madrassas and other areas to deal with the root causes of extremism.

The prospects of the China Pakistan Economic Corridor towards economic development of the region were also being highlighted during his visit. Hailing the role of overseas Pakistanis towards progress in their homeland, he assured the Diaspora that the Pakistan Army would perform its due role towards security of the country.

Fencing starts along Pakistan’s porous border with Afghanistan

Fencing starts along Pakistan’s porous border with Afghanistan

Pakistan and Afghanistan share an approximate 2,600 kilometer of largely porous border and both blame each other for encouraging terrorist infiltration to support deadly attacks on their particular soils. Relations between the countries have plunged in the last two years over mutual terrorism allegations.

Pakistan sealed all border crossings with Afghanistan in mid of February, during a deadliest wave of attacks on Pakistani soil that killed at least 130 people. Pakistan and Afghanistan accuse each other of sheltering elements of the Pakistani and Afghan Taliban respectively.

Pakistan military has recently decided to initiate fencing the parts of its disputed northwestern border with Afghanistan to curb the movement of Taliban fighters from both sides who are known to be behind these terrorist activities.

Pakistan Army is now building more than 420 small forts along the Pak- Afghan border, not only this but Pakistan is also deploying radar sensors to detect cross border movement. From a geopolitical and Geo-strategic perspective, it has been defined as one of the most dangerous borders in the world.

Military courts projected to be revived and stage a comeback

Military courts projected to be revived and stage a comeback

In a significant development, the National Assembly of Pakistan which is lower house of the Parliament passed the 28th Constitutional Amendment Bill to restore military courts to try civilians charged with terrorism offences. The two year term of the special military courts, which Pakistan had established in 2015 to expedite its war against terrorism, expired last year in December. Pakistan had established the special military courts in order to accelerate its war against extremism and terrorism, which expired earlier this year.

The National Assembly on Tuesday evening passed the 28th Constitutional Amendment Bill to reinstate military courts with 255 votes in favour and four against, surpassing the two-thirds majority required for the measure. Military courts assumed an essential part in war on dread and had positive results of Operation Zarb-e-Azb towards national interests. They were initially built up for rapid trials of fear mongers after an assault on Army Public School in Peshawar that asserted no less than 140 lives, mostly students in December 2014.

Pakistan legitimized military court trials of fear suspects for a time of two years in January 2015. Constitution of Pakistan was amended for the reason in 2015 after all parliamentary gatherings consented to attempt fear mongers through military courts. At least 33 military court convictions were appealed in civilian courts since then, although none of the verdicts has been overturned. Military courts have become essential to end up the menace of terrorism from Pakistan as we have seen gradually decrease in terrorism and violence activities after the establishment of military courts.

23rd March –  A day that signifies relentless struggle for the creation of Pakistan

23rd March – A day that signifies relentless struggle for the creation of Pakistan

Over and above 70 years ago, March 23 became the day of the Pakistan resolution. This historic day replicates the strength and determination of a nation that stood united for its struggle for independence. Despite facing enormous difficulties, the nation fought together for a single cause that was none other than independence for a separate homeland for Muslims of the sub-continent. Pakistan Day commemorates the passing of the Lahore Resolution, when a separate nation for the Muslims of The British Indian Empire was demanded on March 23, 1940.

The military parade was resumed in 2015 after a gap of seven years and was seen as a demonstration of the military’s show of strength in the wake of an outrageous attack in 2014 on the Army Public School in Peshawar.

It will be the first time in Pakistan’s history that Chinese troops as well as Turkish Band will participate in the March 23 parade. Seventy-two of the 90 members of the Chinese troop will participate in the Pakistan Day processions to be held on Thursday.

Some evil elements have been successful in creating a divide within the country unfortunately. We must also follow the footsteps of our great leaders and glorify Pakistan with the golden principles of ‘Unity, Faith and Discipline’ laid by our great leader Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, the founder of Pakistan. The unity that used to be the nation’s strength has been lost regrettably. On this day, every citizen of Pakistan must vow and promise to stand firm and united and make Pakistan more prosperous and progressive.

Long awaited Census in Pakistan begins today

Long awaited Census in Pakistan begins today

Long awaited 6th population and housing census starts today finally after lapse of nineteen years across Pakistan. The word ‘Census’ is basically derived from Latin word ‘Censere’ which means ‘To Estimate’. The first census in the country was conducted back in 1951, second in 1961, third in 1972 and fourth in 1981 respectively whereas the fifth census, which was due in 1991, was conducted in 1998 with the assistance of the army.

The army personnel would also be involved in enumeration as well as providing security to the surveyors. The first phase of the exercise that started today will end on April 15. The second phase will commence on April 25 and end on May 25. Census reports are expected to be accomplished within a period of two months.

Under the constitution of Pakistan, the government is bound to conduct census every 10 years but unfortunately it took approximately two decades to conduct census. This time census will be unique in nature as for the first time in the history of Pakistan, transgender will also be calculated in the census.

According to details, the census will begin with house count in 63 districts of the country overall including 16 districts of Punjab, 15 districts of Balochistan, 8 districts of Sindh and 14 districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa furthermore five districts of Azad Kashmir and Gilgit Baltistan regions are also included.

In modern nation states people started using the census to measure population of rural and urban settlements, to determine the number of voters in a particular constituency, for the availability of health and education facilities, to know the percentage of ethnicity or religious populations etc.

The authorities have also notified that people who will provide wrong information to the enumerators might even face six months jail term and Rs. 50,000 fine over the breach of the census rules, according to the law formulated for census.

Any person having queries regarding the census process my contact the authorities on provided Help Line i.e. 0800 57574

Pakistan’s days of isolation over, nation defeats terrorism

Pakistan’s days of isolation over, nation defeats terrorism

Doubts were raised over Lahore hosting the final when a wave of new terrorist attacks hit Pakistan last month.  A handful of terrorists cannot defeat the courage of committed and proud people of Pakistan. We are committed to fail every despicable plan of our enemies. Nation fights back terrorism and Pakistan’s days of isolation are over and now it has become stronger, safer and more stable.

The zeal of cricket crazy nation vanished all the terror fears up into smoke as people from all over the country flooded Lahore’s Gaddafi Stadium to show their resolve against the terrorists and their enthusiasm for the sport Pakistan is famous for. People of all ages showed love with the country on return of international cricket in the homeland.

Strict and full proof security was provided to the two domestic teams which will also include foreign cricketers. Over 10,000 security personnel, including army men provided exceptional protection for the final of the Pakistan Super League.

It is suffice to say security situation in country has greatly improved over the past few years and this recent bout of violence was a temporary blip. Besides that Operation Radd ul Fassad under the command of Pakistan Military also continues alongside in different parts of the country with full force to apprehend terrorists and their facilitators who promote terrorism activities in country. We as a whole nation are determined to pull up the menace of terrorism from our peaceful land and will make it prosperous again.

Terrorism defeated, Pakistan won!

Pakistan Zindabad!